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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                 193

sent an envoy to San Marino. That little old
Spartan Republic has answered with a great deal
of dignity and simplicity, and refused the offer of
an increase of territory. Their chiefs say that a
visit from a general of so great a nation lately en-
franchised, to their little asylum of liberty, appears
like a dream to them. If Bonaparte now turns
his arms towards the Tyrol, we shall see whether
the proverb says right, that La fortune aime les plus
jeunes; for the Archduke Charles is the younger of
the two.

Some journals name Barth6lemy as likely to be
the new director, but it is improbable. I was told
yesterday by a deputy, whom I made acquaintance
with at dinner, that he had wished to meet me,
from the impression he had received by the account
he had had of me in the SociŁt6 of the Directory.

March jthf 1797.

People are all on tiptoe here with the news
of our bank having stopped payment—some glad,
some sorry.1 A deput6, patriote, told Madame de

I The report of the Bank of England having suspended
its payments was then circulated in Paris.

VOL. II                                                               13